Job Openings

We are The Photo Bus and we are hiring for our busy season of May-October, with the possibility of an off-season position as well! The Photo Bus is a very quickly growing photo activation (aka photobooth) company. We offer various types of “booths” to choose from: a VW bus, an airstream, an open air, an enclosed, and a social (gif) booth. The events we work range from birthday parties, to weddings, to entirely branded activations. Most of the time you are on your own while at an event, but we are always a phone call away. We are hired because our clients know we are fun, timely, professional, and they are guaranteed a fantastic customer service experience.


If you’re wanting to work events and represent The Photo Bus, this is your job! Your responsibilities include:
- Setting up photo booths (we’ll provide training)
- Taking funny photos
- Attending to booths at events
- Interacting with event guests
- Drawing the guests to the booth
- Troubleshooting

Your required qualifications are:

- Clean driving record
- Outgoing personality
- Able to lift 50 lbs
- Timely
- At least 18 years old

Your bonus qualifications are:
- Vintage vehicle driving experience (this is not required. We have 4 other booth offerings that don’t include the bus)
- Experience working events
- Familiar with Mac and PC operating systems
- Weekend availability

We expect you to:
- Be timely
- Be responsible
- Be reliable
- Handle intoxicated guests well
- Have reliable transportation
- Be energetic and kind

We’ll pay you:
- $20 p/hr from the moment you arrive to the gear and leave it (On average 4-6 hours per event)

Please note:
This is a part time job. Some weeks you may be working 5 events. Some weeks you may not work at all. Our busiest season is May-October, however we have events throughout the year. We operate on a “first come first serve” basis for who works which job. Sometimes the booth will already be set up and sometimes you will pick up the gear in our Crossroads location and deliver it back after the event!


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