If my event is inside can The Photo Bus get inside?

The "vintage" Photo Bus is 68" wide, and the "tuxedo bus" is just a little bigger, so as long as we can fit in the door and get permission from the venue, we will be there! This mobile photo booth has been inside the following venues in Kansas City: The Bean Hangar, The Vox Theater, Union Station, the Guild, The Berg Event Space (Yes, we can get to the 2nd floor here!)... and we are still expanding this list with each new event!

How much space do you need to get the bus inside? 

We need at least 69" of space to get The "vintage" Photo Bus through the doors of your venue. This is the standard with for a double door (with the center bar removed). The biggest catch is the handle. We'd love to arrange a site visit with you to check before the event! Otherwise, we need about 10'x20' when we're all set up and ready to go.

Can you drive The Photo Bus?

Yes! We always drive The Photo Bus to events, but we usually push it into the venue. 

May we come see the Photo Bus prior to an event? 

ABSOLUTELY! Our studio is open 9-5 M-F, but we encourage you to set an appointment. If you don’t see a time that’s convenient for you please email us: ali@thephotobuskc.com

Do you print on-site? 

Of course we print photos on-site for all of our booths except the gif booth (which is social sharing only), and at no additional cost! What's even better is each person who takes their picture in our photo booth gets a copy of the customized images.

Do you post the images to Facebook?

Yes, we always post the images to Facebook so you - and your guests!- can have them for personal use. The individual images also be found here!

Can you personalize the prints? 

We always have The Photo Bus logo on the bottom of prints, but we will also personalize it for your event, whether it's a wedding, birthday party, fundraiser, or just because! We are all about creating memories, so we are so happy to work with you to help people remember each event.

Can I change the background color? 

Do you have a theme for your event? No problem! We will work with you to do our best to match our photo booth background with your theme. Just make sure you mention it before the event! At this time we have nearly 50 backgrounds to choose from for the bus, and 10 for our other open booths. Keep your eyes peeled on Instagram because we are always adding to that list!

How much does it cost to rent your photo boothS?

Pricing varies based on the photo booth of your choice. Contact us to receive pricing and check availability!

What year is The Photo Bus?

 The "vintage" (red) Photo Bus was built in 1970, and the "black tie" (blue) Photo Bus is from 1968. We were established as a company in 2012 when we had our first event in Weston, MO for Volksweston.  

Where did you get the bus? 

We bought The Photo Bus in Spokane, Washington, and drove her back to her new home in Kansas City! The blue Photo Bus has a Kansas heart, straight from Wichita!

Can you set up a normal photo booth?

Yes, we can set up a normal photo booth, which we call our open air booth or our enclosed booth. We also have a social booth called the gif booth! Information regarding those can be found by scrolling down on our home page.

Do you photograph weddings? 

In order to spend more time with our family and to put all of our focus on this business, we are no longer photographing weddings. But we're happy to refer you to some incredibly talented photographers in Kansas City!

Do you travel? 

The Photo Bus travels to Kansas City metro locations at no additional cost. If you're curious about having this unique photo booth at your event outside of Kansas City, contact us, and we'll see what we can do! And, guess what?! We may even have The Photo Bus operating in your city. Visit our nationwide website to see where you can find us!