The Photo Bus is more than just a super awesome vintage VW bus: it's a photo booth that brings that extra spark of uniqueness to your event. This Kansas City based photo booth starts conversations, brings smiles to faces, and is fun for all ages. It's unique, fun, and full of quality from the customer service to the prints every guest takes home. This Volkswagen photo booth brings up stories of the past while making memories for the future.

Indoors or outdoors!

Many types of events!

The Photo Bus is perfect for your outdoor wedding or corporate event where a normal photo booth would blow away with the wind, and even indoors with the permission of the venue. Wait, indoors? That's right! This drivable VW photo booth can enter some buildings with a little planning ahead of time. 


Unlimited Prints!

4 in a photo? 4 get a print!

Since we can fit up to 16 people on a print in our unique photo booth (with creative planning and taking advantage of our do-it-yourself technology), we wouldn't want you fighting over two prints. That's why we always provide unlimited printing for everyone in the photo... no one has to be cut out in our photobooth!

Take Your Own Quality Photos

No Countdown!

Photo booths aren't as fun when you're caught off-guard choosing a new prop, right? That's why we've developed a button which allows you to take your own photos when you're ready, instead of listening to a countdown. We use professional equipment and lighting, too, so you have true frame-worthy photos to take home.