The Photo Bus is going to be so busy this year with private events that we are only able to attend TWO First Fridays in the KC Crossroads (unless we get a third bus, but that might be awhile)! This first one was amazing! We had our VW photo booth in a new location because we were participating in a rocking block party. There seemed to be a competition with Snow&Company's outdoor bar the entire night for who could have the longest line! Snow&Co miiiight have won that battle for the majority of the night, but rumor has it our line moved faster! (Hooray you're-in-charge-of-the-button-and-super-fast-printer-technology!)


It was so great seeing old friends, past brides/grooms, future brides/grooms, furry friends, and making new friends! We're making it a priority to be at more public events in 2015!

Looking for your photos from this event? You can find them all here for free!